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Charming. Southern. Mysteries.

Welcome to Honey Springs where the gossip is as hot as the coffee served at The Bean Hive Coffee Shop!

Meet Roxanne Bloom, ex-lawyer and who likes to be called Roxy by her close friends. She's the owner and operator of The Bean Hive coffee shop in Honey Springs. Kentucky.

But when a dead body is dumped on her doorstep like a sack of coffee beans, the cozy coffee shop becomes an all-out crime scene and everyone in the small town is hankering for some good gossip.

Sheriff Spencer warns her to be careful because everyone is a suspect. Roxy's snooping lawyer skills are on alert and she can't help but brew up a few clues to help find the cold blooded killer.

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Out of the mouth of Pepper~

I'm cute, right? Women love mustaches. I've been told that salt and pepper hair is a sign of maturity and some women like it. As a bonus, my hair is nice and soft, not wiry like some of my kind.
Hey, here comes someone to look at us. The lady who takes care of all of us is doing that slow walk next to all our cages. That means the woman with her might just take me home. Boy, would that be nice. I'd love to sleep in one of those beds and be able to run around again. Not that they don't take care of us here, but I have to share.
Yip! Yip! Grrr...I have to stop that jumping up. It's like my paws have their own mind. They spring up when I get excited. Stop jumping. Stop jumping. Well, at least stop jumping until we can get a home, I have to remind my paws. Then we can jump all we want.
Come on down here. You are obviously in the market for an adorable grey haired Schnauzer, I yipped louder when I saw that she'd stop down at the poodle cage. Poodle, smoodle. Come see me! I'm much happier and less maintenance. I mean, I do like to be bathed and groomed, not to mention rubbed on. Not that poodle! She's trouble with a big T.
"I don't know," the woman said. "I do want the company and it'd be fun to have companion at the Bean Hive with me."
Retreat. Retreat. My paws don't seem to be listening, they kept jumping. She said bees. Retreat!
Umm...maybe not the owner for me. I'm definitely not fond of the bee insect. Once, I'd gotten in a little scuffle with a few of them and I think they won after they made my lip swell up bigger than my head. I couldn't eat and I love to eat. I got a shot from the veterinarian and that did hurt.
"You own the Bean Hive Coffee Shop?" My caregiver asked the woman. They were still walking my way.
"I do." She has a sweet smile. Her eyes are kind. But I don't like bees.
"I heard you have the best coffee. The name of your shop, The Bean Hive, is adorable." My caregiver walked down the center aisle. The woman nodded and looked in the cages before me.
The Bean Hive. I yipped and jumped around. Not the bee hive. Shoowee, that was a relief.
"Why do you want a dog?" My caregiver always asks this question.
"I'm single. I just moved here and opened the shop. I'd like to have a companion that will alert me of customers if I'm in the kitchen of the shop or even if someone comes lurking around my cabin." The woman lovely voice perked up my ears.
Single? Did you say single? I yipped.
Don't get me wrong, if I had to live in a house with kids or other animals, I'd chew on my rawhide and make the most of it.
Hey! Hey! So I have a loud yip. What's wrong with that? See! I can protect you with this bark!
Sit, sit, sit. Thankfully my hinny listened. My little nubby tail wouldn't stop wagging back and forth. What's wrong with my head? It keeps moving left and right. Wait. Now what is wrong with my tongue. I questioned my body's reaction when the woman stopped at my cage. It was like I'd been possessed.
"Is this a Schnauzer?" She asked. I looked back at my tail in fear it was going to wag right off of me. "I heard they bark a lot."
Tongue in. Don't bark. Don't jump.
"He's a good dog. His last owner moved overseas in the military. He's been here a while. Not many people are adopting these days." My caregiver always said this.
"Really? Maybe we can do a fundraiser or adoption party between the SPCA and The Bean Hive?" The lady seems nice.
No. No jumping.
"Whoa, he can jump." The woman laughed. "What's his name?"
"Pepper." My caregiver is a nice lady but this woman seems to think I'm cute. "He's sweet. Would you like to see him?"
"I would." The lady backs away.
You want to see me? Stop it! Stop jumping. Tongue, back in my mouth. Stop wagging. What is wrong with my body? It's not listening to me!
Oh....you smell like food. You smell yummy. My nose smelled her shoes, her pants. You smell like heaven.
"Oh, my. He's a snuggler." The lady giggled the cutest giggle I've ever heard.
"You want to try him out?" My caregiver said that about other dogs but never me.
Try me out! Try me out! I danced around her feet.
"Pepper, you want to come home with me?" The lady couldn't get it out fast enough. I jumped right up in her arms before she could change her mind.
Do you have a pet? If so, how did you get your pet? Breeder? Pet store? SPCA? If not, no worries! Just tell me what type of animal you like!
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Welcome to Honey Spring, Kentucky
where the gossip is as hot as the coffee!


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Cheers! I'm getting in some good writing on the second book in the Killer Coffee Mystery Series, MOCHA AND MURDER!

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I asked readers to send in descriptions of items that are dear to their heart. I picked a few to sprinkle throughout the book and included a scavenger hunt to enhance the fun of reading by not only trying to solve the murder but find all the items!

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